Video & Photo Conversions


At NextGen, we know how precious your old memories are!

We can get this sorted by converting old video tapes, 8mm film reels, audio cassettes and also photos (including negatives) to digital format, such as Usb / Pen Drive. Dvd or External Hard Disk.

VHS to Digital Conversion

8MM Reels to Digital Conversion

Audio Cassettes to Digital Conversion

Old Photos to Digital Conversion

Digitilization of photo negatives

media conversions


Video Tapes Conversions

Damaged or mouldy videos? NO PROBLEM; we repair and clean videos as well!
Save your old memories now before they fade away forerver!! We turn them from


Photo & Negatives Conversions

We also digitize old photos, even photo albums, without damaging the photos, since we do not remove the photos from the album (if they are glued or stuck). This avoids any potential damage to the photos and preserves their original state. We also improve the quality of the photos (yes, you got it right, when digitizing your old photos, we might get you more details than the original ones!!)

We also edit Super 8 and 8mm film reels by adding background music.

We will Collect & Deliver your video tapes FREE OF CHARGE!


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